Video Services by Lost Heart Productions

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Creative Work

Gregory R.R. Crosby is an experienced filmmaker with directing credits that include films that have been screened across the globe. Hire a reliable creative director to deliver a solid film with structure and depth, commercials that think outside the box, and visuals that will grab attention.

Rent some of his past films on Amazon Prime and Vimeo OnDemand.

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Corporate Video

Running an effective marketing campaign for your company does not have to be complicated. To get a good feel of how to create an effective corporate video, you should start with a general understanding of what type of video will suit your company best. To accomplish this, ask yourself a series of simple questions: Who are we? What do we do? What makes us different from our competitors? Then decide how you would like to make your video appeal to those who see it. Let's have this discussion together.

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Multi-camera Videography of Live Events

Lost Heart Productions is the premier choice for professional multi-camera recordings. Our workflow captures the entire stage from multiple angles simultaneously, which ensures that every performer is covered. We record your show in 4K resolution, professionally edit the event with multiple angles, and sweeten the soundtrack, so you can deliver event documentation to your customers that will wow.

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Live Streams

If you want to stream live events, we are the company to call. We produce high-quality productions with state-of-the-art equipment that can stream directly to your audience through live event and social networking sites like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Our experienced crew will provide you with a live edited program that includes titles and graphics to add professional polish to your live event.

Gregory R.R. Crosby has produced live streams for businesses, universities, performances, and churches.